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The ALIAS command creates a temporary alias for a command.





ALIAS command  targetCreate an alias
ALIAS commandRemove an alias
ALIASList all defined aliases




commandis the alias name.


targetis the command to which the alias applies. If this contains spaces, it must be quoted.



The ALIAS command creates an alternative name by which a command can be referenced such that command becomes a synonym for target. It provides a simple mechanism by which standard commands can be linked to alternative VOC entries as a means of providing improved compatibility with other multivalue database products. For example, the COPY command could be linked to the Pick style variant named COPYP by executing


This change affects only the current process and does not modify the VOC. Typically, ALIAS commands would be executed from the LOGIN paragraph. To maintain system security, LOGIN cannot itself be aliased.


The second form of the ALIAS command removes a previously defined alias for command.


The third form lists all currently defined aliases.