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The DO.REMOTE command executes a command on a remote QM system.





DO.REMOTE server account command



server        is the remote server name.

account        is the QM account on the remote server in which the command is to be executed.

command        is the command to be executed.



The DO.REMOTE command uses the QMClient API to execute a command on a remote server. Output from the command will be displayed on the local system. If the command interacts with the user, input data may be entered from the keyboard. Because QMClient command execution does not support use of the QMBasic KEYIN() and related functions, commands that interact at a character level such as the SED editor cannot be executed with this command.


Because QMClient buffers all output from a command until the command terminates or it requests input, execution of commands that produce large volumes of output data is likely to fail. The DO.REMOTE command is intended for simple commands only.


The server name provided on the command line must correspond to a server previously defined using SET.SERVER or SET.PRIVATE.SERVER. The QMCLIENT configuration parameter on the remote system but be set to zero to allow command execution.


The @SYSTEM.RETURN.CODE variable will be returned as set by the executed command.








The above example starts a phantom in the SALES account on the server named QMSERVER to execute a program named OVERNIGHT.