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The HELP command provides help on a wide variety of topics.








The HELP command invokes the Windows help system in the same way as selection of the help option from the QM program group. The help system is not available for users connecting from non-Windows clients though there is a browser based HTML help package available by download.


The operation of this system depends on the way in which the user has entered QM:


For QM Console users on a Windows server, the help system is invoked on the server for the specified topic.


For QMTerm users, a command is sent to the QMTerm session to cause it to open a help window on the client system. The qm.chm file must be installed in the QMSYS directory of the client system.


For other network users, QM checks the definition of the terminal type in use and, if the u8 (asynchronous command) entry is defined, executes the hh.exe program on the client system. The qm.hlp file must be installed in the default location (c:\qmsys\qm.hlp).


For terminals where the u8 code is not defined, the help system must be run from the QM program group.