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The INHIBIT.LOGIN command prevents users logging in new QM sessions.





INHIBIT.LOGIN ONPrevent further users logging in


INHIBIT.LOGIN OFFAllow users to login


INHIBIT.LOGINDisplay state of login inhibit



The INHIBIT.LOGIN command can be used to prevent users logging in while system maintenance tasks are in progress. The command can only be executed by users with administrator rights.


With the ON option, this command disables further logins. The action will fail if the login inhibit is already active from some other user.


When executed with the OFF option by the user that set the login inhibit, logins are re-enabled.


With neither option, the command displays the current state of the login inhibit mechanism.


In all cases, @SYSTEM.RETURN.CODE is set to the user number of the user that has set the login inhibit or to zero if logins are allowed. Success is indicated by the value of @SYSTEM.RETURN.CODE being equal to @USERNO after use of ON, or zero after use of OFF.


While logins are inhibited, no new QM processes can be started except for phantom processes started by the user that set the inhibit. Setting a login inhibit does not logout other users who are already active.


The login inhibit is automatically released if the user that set it logs out.









This sequence prevents new users logging in while the SYSTEM.BACKUP program is executed.