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The LIST.TRIGGERS command displays a summary of all trigger subroutines used within an account.









LPTR {n}directs output to print unit n. If n is omitted, it defaults to zero, the default print unit.


NO.PAGEsuppresses display pagination.


LOCALomits files referenced via Q-pointers.



The LIST.TRIGGERS command displays a summary of all trigger functions used by files that are referenced by F or Q type VOC entries unless the LOCAL option is used to omit Q-pointer files. Dictionaries are included for F-type VOC entries.


For each file that has a trigger defined, the command shows the file name, the trigger function name and the events that activate the trigger. The events are shown in two columns, one for pre-event and one for post-event, using letters W (write), R (read), D (delete) and C (clear).





File Name............... Function................. Pre Post

ORDERS                   STOCK.CHECK                   W D

STAFF                    STF.VALIDATE              W


In the above report, the ORDERS file has a trigger function named STOCK.CHECK that is activated for post-write and post-delete events. The STAFF file has a pre-write trigger named STF.VALIDATE.



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