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The LOGIN.PORT command logs in a serial port from within another QM session. This command is currently only available on Windows systems.





LOGIN.PORT port {account} {params}




portis the serial port name (e.g. COM1).


accountis the QM account in which the user is to run. If omitted, the new process runs in the same account as the user issuing the command.


paramsis any combination of the following serial communications parameters:
BAUD rateSets the data rate (default 9600).
BITS nSets the number of bits per character (default 8).
PARITY modeSets the parity mode: NONE (default), ODD or EVEN.
STOP.BITS nSets the number of stop bits (default 1).


The LOGIN.PORT command creates a new QM process that uses the named serial port as its terminal device. This process will run with the same user name as the process performing the command.


The new process will execute the MASTER.LOGIN and LOGIN paragraphs in the same way as any other QM process. The LOGIN paragraph could be used, for example, to start a program that monitors the named port for activity.