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The LPTR keyword directs the output of the query to a printer.





LPTR { unit }




unitis the print unit number. If omitted, print unit 0 is used.



The LPTR keyword directs the query processor output to the specified print unit. It also changes the way in which the default listing phrase operates. With this option, if no report fields are specified on the command line, the query processor first looks for a phrase named @LPTR and then, if this does not exist, it reverts to the @ phrase. This allows different default report formats for the printer and the display.


A query using the LPTR option normally closes the printer at the end of the report. When using the default print unit (printer 0), if the QUERY.MERGE.PRINT mode of the OPTION command is active and the printer was already active (PRINTER ON) before the query command started, the printer is left active at the end of the report. This allows an application program to embed a query report into other data printed by the program.