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The MESSAGE command sends a message to selected other users.





MESSAGE user {IMMEDIATE} {message.text}






useridentifies the user(s) to receive the message. This may be a user number, a case insensitive user name, or the keyword ALL. Messages cannot be sent to phantom or QMClient processes.


IMMEDIATEcauses immediate display of the message as described below.


message.textis the text of the message to be sent. If omitted from the command line, the user is prompted to enter the text. With the IMMEDIATE keyword, messages that are wider than the screen are truncated on terminals that support immediate message display.



Where a specific user number is given, the MESSAGE command checks that this user is logged in and is not a phantom process. The ALL keyword sends the message to all non-phantom users (except the user sending the message).


Messages are normally displayed when the user next arrives at the command prompt. If the IMMEDIATE keyword is used and the destination process is using a terminal that supports screen save and restore (QMConsole on Windows, QMTerm, AccuTerm), the message is displayed immediately and the screen is restored when the user acknowledges the message.


The MESSAGE OFF command disables receipt of messages. Messages sent while message reception is disabled are not queued for later display and will never be seen. Use of the MESSAGE command with a user number will report an error if the target user has message reception disabled.


The MESSAGE ON command enables receipt of messages. This is the default state.


@SYSTEM.RETURN.CODE is set to zero for success or to a negative error code.