Output Pagination

Output Pagination

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Output to the display is automatically paginated, where appropriate, by inserting a prompt at the end of each page of output. The options available at this prompt are

AAbort. Returns to the command prompt in exactly the same way as an abort generated by an ABORT statement in a QMBasic program or an ABORT command in a paragraph. The ON.ABORT paragraph is executed, if present. The @ABORT.CODE variable will be set to 1. The default select list (list 0) will be cleared if it was active.
QQuit. Returns from the current command to the paragraph, menu, program or command prompt that initiated the command. The ON.ABORT paragraph is not executed. The @ABORT.CODE variable will be set to 2. The default select list (list 0) is not cleared.
SSuppress pagination. Continues execution with no further pagination prompts.
OtherAny other key continues execution until a further pagination prompt is displayed.


The number of lines per page can be adjusted from its initial value by use of the TERM command.


Pagination can be disabled by application software or by use of the NO.PAGE option to some commands.