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The DISPLAY.WIDTH() function returns the number of character positions required to display a string.The DISPLAY.WIDTHS() function is similar to DISPLAY.WIDTH() but operates on successive elements of a dynamic array, returning a similarly structured dynamic array of results.










stringis the string to be examined.



In ECS mode, some Unicode characters are defined to have a double width glyph (a displayed character that requires two positions on the screen or printer). The DISPLAY.WIDTH() function takes a string and returns the number of display positions required. Note that the presence of control characters or device specific escape sequences within string may cause a misleading result. This function assumes that all characters occupy a single position with the exception of those defined in the currently active character map as occupying two positions.


In a non-ECS mode system, the DISPLAY.WIDTH() function behaves the same as the LEN() function, returning the length of the string that is passed as its argument.



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