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The ECHAR() function returns the ECS character with a given code point value. The ECHARS() function is similar to ECHAR() but operates on successive elements of a dynamic array, returning a similarly structured dynamic array of results.









seqevaluates to an integer in the range 0 to 65535.



The ECHAR() function returns a single character string containing the ECS character with value seq. It is the inverse of the SEQ() function.


Only the least significant 16 bits of the integer value of seq are used.


Used on a non-ECS system, the ECHAR() function is equivalent to the CHAR() function and restricted to character values in the range 0 to 255.





S = ECHAR(0x03A3)


This statement sets variable S to contain the character with Unicode code point value hexadecimal 03A3, the uppercase Greek Sigma. Note the use of the hexadecimal numeric constant notation because codepoints are normally written in this form. This example is exactly equivalent to use of the corresponding decimal value:

S = ECHAR(913)



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