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The FIX() function returns a string representation of a floating point value with a specified precision and optional truncation.





FIX(expr {, prec{, truncate}})




exprevaluates to the data to be formatted


precevaluates to the required precision


truncateA Boolean value that determines whether the value should be rounded or truncated.



The FIX() function converts a floating point value to a character string.


The prec argument determines the number of decimal places in the result. If omitted, the current value of the program PRECISION is used. A precision less than 0 is treated as 0. A precision greater than 14 is treated as 14.


The truncate argument controls rounding. A value of False (0 or a null string) or omitting the argument causes rounding to be applied. Any other value causes truncation.





V = 12.3456789

DISPLAY FIX(V, 3)12.346
DISPLAY FIX(V, 3, 1)12.345