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The MVEPOCH() function returns the epoch value corresponding to a multivalue style date and time combination (days since 31 December 1967 and seconds since midnight) using the currently selected time zone.






MVEPOCH(date, time)




time.stringis the multivalue style date and time values separated by an underscore.


date and timeare separate date and time values.



An epoch value represents a moment in time. The MVEPOCH() function converts the supplied date and time values to the corresponding epoch value using the currently selected time zone.


If the time.string or date and time represents a moment in time that cannot be converted to an epoch value, the function returns a null string.



Daylight Saving Time


For most time values, the MVEPOCH() function will correctly handle daylight saving time. There is an one hour period when the clocks are moved backwards where the same external time value will correspond to two alternative epoch values. It is not defined which of the two will be returned by this function in this situation.




S = '15021_41490'

SET.TIMEZONE 'Pacific/Wake'



The above program fragment displays 1234567890.



See also:

Date, Times and Epoch Values, EPOCH(), MVDATE(), MVDATE.TIME(), MVTIME(), SET.TIMEZONE