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The ORS() function performs a logical OR operation on successive elements of a dynamic array, returning a similarly structured dynamic array of results.





ORS(expr1, expr2)




expr1, expr2are the dynamic arrays to be processed.



The ORS() function performs the logical OR operation between corresponding elements of the two dynamic arrays and constructs a similarly structured dynamic array of results as its return value. An element of the returned dynamic array is 1 if either or both of the corresponding elements of expr1 and expr2 are True.


The REUSE() function can be applied to either or both expressions. Without this function, any absent trailing values are taken as False.





A contains   1VM1SM0VM0VM1FM0VM1

B contains   1VM0SM1VM0VM1FM1VM0


C = ORS(A, B)


C now contains   1VM1SM1VM0VM1FM1VM1



See also:

ANDS(), EQS(), GES(), GTS(), IFS(), LES(), LTS(), NES(), NOTS(), REUSE()