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The PAGE statement advances a print unit to a new page.





PAGE {ON print.unit} {}




print.unitevaluates to the print unit number on which the action is to occur. If omitted, print unit zero is used.


page.noevaluates to the page number to be used for the new page. If omitted, the page number is incremented from its current value.



The PAGE statement causes the footing to be printed at the end of the current page and advances to the next page. The heading will be printed if further output is directed to the print unit. The PAGE statement can be used to complete printing of the final page of output from a program.


If a new page number is specified, this takes effect after print unit has been advanced to the new page. A of less than one causes the page number to be set to one.


A PAGE statement directed to the display causes the pagination prompt to be displayed unless it has been suppressed. The screen will be cleared to advance to the new page.







This statement causes the print unit identified by PRINT.UNIT to advance to the next page.



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