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The SAVELIST statement saves an active select list to the $SAVEDLISTS file.





SAVELIST name {FROM list}

{THEN statement(s)}

{ELSE statement(s)}




nameis the name of the $SAVEDLISTS entry to be written.


listis the select list number or select list variable to be saved. If omitted, the default list (list zero) is saved.


statement(s)are statements to be executed depending on the outcome of the operation.



The SAVELIST statement saves an active select in the $SAVEDLISTS file. The original list is destroyed by this operation.


If the list had been partially processed before the SAVELIST statement is performed, only the unprocessed portion of the list is saved.


At least one of the THEN and ELSE clauses must be present. If the list is successfully saved, the THEN clause is executed. If the list cannot be saved for any reason, the ELSE clause is executed.



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