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The SYSMSG() function returns a message text from the MESSAGES file.





SYSMSG(key {, args...})




keyidentifies the message to be returned.


argsis a list of up to four argument values to be substituted into the message.



The SYSMSG() function is part of the QM multi-language message handling subsystem, returning a message in the currently selected language.


The key argument is a message number corresponding to a message stored in the MESSAGES file. The function first attempts to read this message with the prefix code for the currently selected language. If this record does not exist, it tries again with no prefix to retrieve the English language message.


The message may contain placeholders %1, %2, %3 and %4 which will be replaced with the corresponding optional args values from the SYSMSG() function. Note that the message library also contains messages that use the C programming language style %d, %s, etc placeholders. These messages are used by the QM kernel and should not be referenced in QMBasic programs.


Message numbers 10000 - 19999 are reserved for application developers.



See also:

Multi-language applications, LOAD.LANGUAGE, SET.LANGUAGE