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The TRANSLITERATE() function returns a transliterated version of a character string containing only 8 bit characters.









stringis the string to be transliterated.



The TRANSLITERATE() function takes a string that may contain ECS characters and returns a version containing only 8 bit characters. The replacements used for this transformation are determined by the transliteration values defined in the active ECS character map. Characters for which no transliteration has been provided are replaced by a period.


In a non-ECS mode system, the TRANSLITERATE() function returns the string that is passed as its argument.





S = 'Müller'



In this program fragment, variable S contains a string that includes the German u-umlaut character. If the character maps are set up such that this character transliterates to "ue", the output would be



Note that in an ECS mode system the u-umlaut, which is normally defined as being character 252 in the 8 bit character set, has been moved to become ECS codepoint U+F8FC to allow the five mark characters reserved by the multivalue data model to remain in their traditional positions as characters 251 to 255.