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The !ACCOUNT.RULES() subroutine returns a list of QM accounts that a specified user may or may not enter.





CALL !ACCOUNT.RULES(username, accounts, barred)




usernameis the user name to be looked up.


accountsis a multivalued list of account names.


barredis True if the list of accounts is those from which the user is barred, False if it is a list of allowed accounts.



The !ACCOUNT.RULES() subroutine is part of the QM application level security system. Within this system, a user name can be registered as having access only to a restricted set of accounts. Alternatively, a user can be allowed access to all except specific accounts.


The subroutine looks at the QM account register and returns the list of accounts and a flag indicating whether this is a list of allowed accounts or barred accounts. The username is case insensitive on Windows but case sensitive on all other environments.


A null accounts list is returned if the user name is not in the user register or if no account rules are applied to the user.



See also:

Application level security, ADMIN.USER