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The !VIEW() subroutine displays a record or other field mark delimited dynamic array as a scrollable text window.





CALL !VIEW(data, user.keys, exit.key {, top {, lines}})




datais the dynamic array to be displayed.


user.keysis a sequence of characters that will cause exit from the subroutine in addition to use of Q as described below. This may be a null string.


exit.keyis returned as the character that caused the subroutine to exit.


topis the topmost screen line to be used. If omitted, this defaults to zero.


linesis the number of screen lines to be used. If omitted, this defaults to the entire portion of the screen below the top line.



The !VIEW() subroutine displays a field mark delimited dynamic array such as a program source text in a window that can be scrolled or panned. For compatibility with several other QM tools, the !VIEW() subroutine recognises multiple keys for most functions:


Move to previous page

U, P, Cursor up, Page up, Ctrl-P, Ctrl-Z

Move to next page

D, N, Cursor down, Page down, Ctrl-N

Pan right

R, Cursor right, Ctrl-F

Pan left

L, Cursor left, Ctrl-B

Move to top of record

T, Home

Move to bottom of record

B, End









The above statement displays the content of REC in scrollable form. The X key can be used as an alternative to Q to exit from the subroutine.