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The QMGetArg() function retrieves the value of argument variables to QMCall(), QMCallx(), QMCreateObject(), QMGet() or QMSet() updated by the server.


The function takes a single argument, ArgNo, as the argument number (from 1) to be retrieved.


An argument may be retrieved multiple times. Argument data remains accessible until the next use of any of these functions.


In applications that open multiple simultaneous server connections, the argument data is maintained on a per-session basis, reflecting the most recent use of these functions in the currently selected session.


The example program fragments below instantiate a QMBasic object catalogued as MONITOR.CLS on the server. The CREATE.OBJECT subroutine of this object updates its only argument to a status value that is retrieved by the client. This argument is output only and is passed as a null string in the QMCreateObject() function.







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