QMIConv(), QMIConvs()

QMIConv(), QMIConvs()

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The QMIConv() function converts data to internal form using a conversion code. It is analogous to the QMBasic ICONV() function. The QMIConvs() function is similar but works on each element of a dynamic array in turn.


The function arguments are:


Datais the data to be converted.


Codeis the conversion code to be applied.



The QMIConv() function returns a string representing the converted data. The QMStatus() function returns zero after a successful conversion. A non-zero value indicates an error as described for ICONV().


This function is evaluated on the server system to ensure access to all conversion codes and hence requires that a server connection is open.


The examples below convert an external form date in the ExtDate variable to an internal day number, storing this in IntDate. Note that the returned value from QMIConv() is always a string.







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