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The QMIndices() function retrieves information about alternate key indices. It is analogous to the QMBasic INDICES() function.


The function arguments are:


Fnois the file number returned by a previous use of QMOpen().


Index.Nameis the name of the index to be queried. If given as a null string, a list of all index names is returned.



The QMIndices() function has two modes of operation. If Index.Name is a null string, the function returns a field mark delimited list of index names for the given file. This is equivalent to use of the QMBasic INDICES() function with one argument.


If Index.Name is not a null string, details for the named index are returned in the same form as for the QMBasic INDICES() function with two arguments.


The examples below retrieve a list of index names for the file opened as fClients.







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