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The QMIns() function inserts a field, value or subvalue in a dynamic array. It is analogous to the QMBasic INSERT() function.


The function arguments are:


Srcis the dynamic array to be processed


Fnois the number of the field to be inserted. If less than 1, 1 is assumed.


Vnois the number of the value to be inserted. If less than 1, an entire field is inserted.


Svnois the number of the subvalue to be inserted. If less than 1, an entire value is inserted.


NewDatais the new data to form the new dynamic array element.



The QMIns() function returns a new dynamic array with the specified field, value or subvalue inserted.


This function is evaluated on the client system and does not require a server connection to be open.


The examples below read a record with an update lock, use QMIns() to modify it and then write it back to the file. A real program should test the error status from the read operation to determine if it was successful.







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