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The QMRespond() function responds to a request for input from a command executed on the server.


The function arguments are:


Responseis the response to be sent.


Erris an integer variable to receive status information. This argument is not present in all variants of the QMClient API.



This function may only be used when an immediately preceding QMExecute() or QMRespond() function has returned a status of SV_PROMPT.


The QMRespond() function returns the given Response to the input request from the server command. Further output from this command is returned as a text string. If the command does not produce any output, the C API returns a null pointer.


If the command completes without requesting input, the Err variable is set to SV_OK.


If the command requests further input, any output up to that point is returned and the Err variable is set to SV_PROMPT. The client may respond to this using the QMRespond() function or abort the command using the QMEndCommand() function.







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