Transferring Data from other Multivalue Systems

Transferring Data from other Multivalue Systems

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QM includes versions of the Pick style data restore tools such as T.LOAD and ACCOUNT.RESTORE however, because the media format used by the corresponding save tools (T.DUMP and ACCOUNT.SAVE) is not publicly documented, some variations have been encountered where restore of a Pick style save into QM fails. To avoid this, QM includes a tool named QMSAVE which is issued in source form and can be compiled and run on a variety of other environments. The QMRESTORE tool can then be used to read the saved data into QM.





The QMSAVE tool is provided in source form in the BP file of the QMSYS account. It includes conditional compilation constructs ($IFDEF) for the parts that vary according to the environment from which data is being transferred. These constructs can be resolved manually by editing the source code or by compiling and running the preprocessor released as PREPROC in the BP file of the QMSYS account.


The source code has been written in a way that allows it to be moved to the source system simply by running the ED editor on the Pick system, going into insert mode and using the "Paste from File" option of AccuTerm.


A full description of how to modify, compile and run this tool is included in the source code. The extracted data is moved to one or more export files, each with a numeric suffix and limited to a size set in the source code. Unless the exported data is visible from the QM system, the files should then be moved using FTP, removable hard drive or other data transfer method.





The QMRESTORE tool is used to restore the exported data into QM. This tool is a standard part of QM but the VOC item needed to run it must be created manually. Again, full details are in the comment text at the top of the QMSAVE source code.



The QMSAVE tool is subject to change. Users who modify it to work in new environments are encouraged to contribute their changes back to QM so that they may be shared with other users.