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The QMTrapCallAbort() function enables or disables client side trapping of aborts in actions that execute QMBasic code on the server.


The function tales a single argument, Mode, evaluating to True or False.


By default, an abort occurring in a subroutine called using QMCall() will display a message box (VB) or display a message. Use of the key value 8 to the QMConnectionType() function before opening the connection can modify this behaviour such that display is suppressed, returning the abort message via QMError().


The QMTrapCallAbort function allows an application to trap the abort and take its own recovery action. When call abort trapping is enabled, use of QMStatus() immediately after return from QMCall() will return zero if the call ran successfully or non-zero if an abort occurred. The actual abort message can be retrieved using QMError().


When call abort trapping is not enabled, the value returned by QMStatus() after QMCall() is the current STATUS() function value on the server.


When operating with multiple server connections from a single client, the state of call abort trapping applies to all connections.


Call abort trapping applies to QMCall(), QMCallx(), QMCreateObject(), QMDestroyObject(), QMGet() and QMSet().







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