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The QMWriteSeqKey() function writes a record using an automatically generated sequential numeric key. This is analogous to use of the CREATING.SEQKEY option of the QMBasic WRITE statement.


The function arguments are:


FileNois the file number returned by a previous QMOpen() call.


Idis the id of the record.


Recis the data to be written to this record.



The QMWriteSeqKey() function writes the given data to the hashed file opened as FileNo. The record id is automatically generated and returned as the value of this function. This operation is not valid for directory files or distributed files.


An update lock is automatically applied to this record for the duration of the internal processing of the write and released before returning from the function.


The example program fragments below write the data in ClientRec to the file open as fClients. The record id is generated automatically and returned in the Id variable.







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