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The SCROLL keyword used in a report directed to the display enables scrolling back through report pages.





SCROLL { pages }




pagesThe pages qualifier is retained for backward compatibility but the value of pages is not significant except that a value of zero will disable scrolling, perhaps enabled by use of the SCROLL keyword in the $QUERY.DEFAULTS record.



Use of the SCROLL keyword allows paging back through a displayed report. The following options are available at the end of page prompt:


AAbort. The query is terminated, returning to the command prompt. The ON.ABORT paragraph will be executed, if it exists.
QQuit. The query is terminated, returning to the menu or paragraph from which the query was initiated or to the command prompt.
NNext. The next page of the report is shown. The cursor down key or ctrl-N can also be used.
PPrevious. The previous page of the report is shown. The cursor up key, ctrl-P or ctrl-Z can also be used.
nPage number. The specified page number is shown. Note that when used with the N breakpoint option which resets page numbers, the numbering used by scroll is the physical page number within the report which may be different from the page number printed in the heading or footing.
CContinue. Used when the display is showing a saved page, this continues with the first unseen page.
SSuppress pagination. The query continues with no further screen pagination.