SED - Setting up default modes

SED  -  Setting Up Default Modes

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On entry, SED looks for a record named &SED.OPTIONS& in the VOC file. This record may be used to set up default configuration data.


Field 1 of the record should contain X, the record type code.


Field 2 may contain the following keywords separated by spaces:


BWORDTurn on Basic word search mode.


CASE.OFFTurn off search case sensitivity.


CASE.ONTurn on search case sensitivity.


INDENTTurn on indentation mode.


LNUMLine numbering is to be on in all windows by default.


NO.CASE.EXPLOREIgnore casing when building an explore buffer.


NO.INVERTTurn of case inversion during edit.


OVERLAYTurn on overlay mode.


SCROLL1Scroll by just on line for cursor up/down that moves out of displayed text.


TABS nSets the default tab interval to n columns.


WORDTurn on word search mode.


Fields 3 and 4 may contain the name of a key binding record.


Field 5 may be used to modify the default tab interval used by the tab function  and by the EXPAND.TABS command. The value in this field must be between 1 and 99.


The record should contain no other data. Other fields may be used by later revisions of SED.