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The SET.LANGUAGE command selects the language in which messages should be displayed.









codeis the identifier for the language to be used.



QM includes support for text message output in multiple languages. The standard message library installed with QM contains English messages texts. Additional languages can be loaded using the LOAD.LANGUAGE command.


Message sets for each loaded language are identified by an alphabetic code which should preferably correspond to an international standard country code such as FR for France. Application developers can use any case insensitive alphabetic language code up to three characters for message sets that correspond, for example, to regional variations such as CHF for Swiss French.


The SET.LANGUAGE command selects the message set to be used by the QM process in which it is issued. To apply this globally, the command should be included in the MASTER.LOGIN paragraph. Using the command with no language code selects the standard English messages.


Any operation that attempts to use a message for which there is no corresponding entry in the message library will revert to the standard English version.



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