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The SET.MODE command updates the access permissions on records in a directory file. (Not Windows)





SET.MODE filename {ALL | FROM listno | id...} {NO.QUERY} mode




filenameis the name of a directory file.


ALLindicates that the access modes of all records in the file should be updated.


FROM listnotakes record ids from the specified select list.




modeis the desired access permissions as a three digit octal value as used by the operating system chmod command.



The SET.MODE command is broadly equivalent to the Linux/Unix chmod command, setting the access permissions for the requested records in a directory file.


The record ids may be specified as ALL, taken from a select list or supplied on the command line. If none of these methods is used, the command checks whether the default select list is active and, if so, prompts to ask if it should be used. The NO.QUERY option, valid only when defaulting the select list, suppresses the prompt.