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The SETUP.DEMO command creates a set of demonstration files.








The SETUP.DEMO command creates two sets of three demonstration files that are used by the examples in the QM Tutorial Guide and other training materials.



The Library Database


This represents a simple library application

TITLESData relating to a book as a title (Title, author, subject, etc)
BOOKSData relating to a copy of a book (Date out, reader id, etc)
READERSData relating to users of the library



The Sales Database


This represents a simple sales order processing application

STOCKData relating to stock held by the shop (Part number, product description, price, etc)
CUSTOMERSData relating to customers of the shop (Name, address, etc)
SALESData relating to sales (Date, customer, items bought, etc)



If the UPDATING option is present, the original demonstration data and dictionary items are reset but any items added by the user are retained. Without this option, the files revert to their initial state.


The command includes safety checks to avoid overwriting files of the same names that do not appear to be part of the demonstration database.



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