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The SHOW.LIST command displays the content of an active numbered select list, allowing the user to remove unwanted entries.





SHOW.LIST {listno}




listnois the select list number. This defaults to 0 if omitted.



SHOW.LIST uses a command set based on that of the query processor SHOW command. Using the commands listed below, the user can scroll through the displayed select list items, setting or clearing a marker (displayed as an asterisk next to the item) which indicates whether the item is to be included in the revised select list. All items are initially in the selected state.


TMove to the top of the list (first page).


NMove to the next page. The return key with no command text has the same effect.


PMove to the previous page.


QQuit from record selection. Any items marked with an asterisk are entered into the revised select list.


QCQuit, clearing all item selection.


?Display help text. Press any key to return to the main screen.


S itemSelect item. The space before the item description is optional. An asterisk will be displayed next to all selected items.


C itemClear item, removing the asterisk marker from the screen.


itemSynonym for S item.


The item specification may be


The number shown next to a displayed item.


A range of numbers in the form a-b which indicates that the command is to be applied to all items from that tagged with number a to that tagged with number b. There must be no spaces either side of the hyphen.


The keyword VISIBLE to apply the command to all items on the current page.


The keyword ALL to apply the command to all items in the list.


Multiple item specifications may be included in a single command by using either a space or a comma as a separator. For example "1,4,8-11".


The VISIBLE and ALL keywords may be abbreviated by omitting any number of trailing letters (e.g. VIS or V).