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The SUBSCRIBE command starts a phantom process that will poll a replication publisher for updates.





SUBSCRIBE server{:port} username password {options}




serveris the network name or ip address of the publisher.


portis the port number for connection to the publisher. This must correspond to the value of the REPLPORT configuration parameter on the publisher and defaults to 4244 if omitted.


usernameis the user name to be used for the server process established on the publisher.


passwordis the password associated with username. For security, this should be encrypted using the AUTHKEY command and specified with an ENCR: prefix.


optionsare chosen from:
INTERVAL nspecifies the interval in seconds at which the publisher will be polled for updates. This must be in the range 1 to 300 and defaults to 5.
RAWspecifies that data transferred between the publisher and subscriber systems should not be encrypted. There is a marginal performance benefit in using this when the network is considered to be secure.



The SUBSCRIBE command starts a phantom process that polls for and applies data updates from the specified publisher. It should normally be executed using the STARTUP configuration parameter. The command can only be executed in the QMSYS account and by users with administrator rights.


When subscribing to files that use encryption, the user name of the subscriber process must have full access to the associated encryption keys.


The REPLSRVR configuration parameter must be set to match the subscriber server name as used when publishing the files with the PUBLISH command.



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