System Administration

System Administration

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System Configuration

Configuration ParametersParameter descriptions
UPDATE.LICENCEApply a new licence
The Terminfo DatabaseTerminal configuration
The qmtic UtilityTerminfo compiler

Account Management

AccountsWhat is an account?
CREATE.ACCOUNTCreate an account
DELETE.ACCOUNTDelete an account
The Login Process What happens when a user logs in

System Security

ADMIN.USERUser administration
CREATE.USERCreate a user
DELETE.USERDelete a user
LIST.USERSList user name details
PASSWORDPassword management (Windows USB installations)
SECURITYEnable, disable or report security settings

Process Management

LISTUWho is logged in?
PSTATMonitoring processes
LOGOUTKilling a process

Monitoring the File System

LIST.FILESDetermining the files in use
LIST.LOCKSMonitoring task locks
LIST.READUMonitoring record and file locks
UNLOCKReleasing a lock
FSTATMonitoring file activity
ANALYSE.FILEFile analysis
FILE.STATSummary report of all files in one or more accounts