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The TANDEM command allows an administrative user to monitor or control another QM session.





TANDEM userno


usernois the QM user number of the session to be monitored.



The TANDEM command is primarily intended to allow users with administrator rights to monitor a QM session where the user needs assistance. All terminal output sent to the monitored user's screen is also sent to the monitoring user's screen.


Because use of TANDEM potentially weakens system security, it must be enabled using the FEATURE configuration parameter. The VOC entry for TANDEM is initially only present in the QMSYS VOC but it may be copied elsewhere.


Execution of the TANDEM command sends a request to the process to be monitored, asking if it is willing to accept the connection. A prompt box is displayed on the user's screen, showing the user number and user name of the session attempting to make a connection. The user must respond Y or N within 30 seconds. Either response clears the prompt box from the screen, restoring the overwritten text if the terminal type in use supports screen save/restore. Use of the SILENT.TANDEM mode of the OPTION command suppresses this confirmation prompt.


If the connection is accepted, the monitoring session enters "view mode" where all output sent to the monitored user's screen is duplicated on the monitoring user's screen. For this to work correctly, both sessions must be using the same terminal type and settings.


The monitoring user can switch to "feed mode" by entering Esc-Esc-F. When in this mode, all keyboard input typed in the monitoring session is passed to the monitored session and handled as though that user had typed it. This mode allows the monitoring user, for example, to demonstrate correct use of the application. Function keys that send multi-byte escape sequences should work correctly when in feed mode. If a lone escape is needed, this can be sent with Esc-Esc-E. The link can be returned to view mode by entering Esc-Esc-V.


When in either mode, the tandem connection can be terminated by entering Esc-Esc-X.