OpenQM Multivalue Database   Version 3.4-13

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Introduction to the OpenQM Database


The QM File System

Creating and Deleting Files

Creating and Modifying Data


Select Lists





The Login Process



Conversion codes

Format specifications


Command Parsing and the VOC File

Commands by Name

Query Processing

Query Processor Keywords


The QMBasic Programming Language

Statements and Functions by Type

Statements and Functions by Name

Standard Subroutines

The QMBasic Debugger


The QMClient API


System Administration



Document Conventions


All QM documentation uses a simple set of conventions in descriptions of commands or language elements. For example




Items in bold type (DELETE.FILE) are words that must be entered as they appear in the description except that in most instances they may be in either upper or lower case.


Items in italics ( represent places in commands or language statements where some variable data is required. In this case it is the name of a file.


Except when explicitly stated otherwise, items enclosed in curly brackets (e.g. {FORCE}) are optional parts of a command or statement. The curly brackets are not part of the data and should not be typed.


Lists of alternative keywords are shown separated by vertical bar characters (e.g. {DATA | DICT}).


Items that may be repeated are followed by ellipsis (...). The text explains the rules governing related items.


The mark characters are represented by IM, FM, VM, SM and TM.