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The UPDATE.ACCOUNT command copies all system VOC entries from NEWVOC, setting the correct locations for system files.








The UPDATE.ACCOUNT command copies all NEWVOC items to the VOC file of the current account. It is useful after an upgrade or if the VOC has been damaged. Unlike a simple COPY from NEWVOC to the VOC, UPDATE.ACCOUNT checks for changes that may have a detrimental effect.


After copying items from NEWVOC, the UPDATE.ACCOUNT command looks for an optional file named NEWVOC.MODS in the QMSYS account and, if found, copies its content to the VOC file of the account being updated. This allows creation of a site specific set of items that should appear in all VOC files.


Executing this command in the QMSYS account when logged in as a user with administrator rights prompts to ask whether all registered accounts are to be updated. This can be useful after an upgrade on a system with many accounts.



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