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A D-type record defines a field stored in a data file.


Although D-type records may be stored in the VOC file, they are more usually found in dictionaries. A D-type entry in the VOC can be used to reference a field in any file whereas a D-type entry in a dictionary can only be used in queries against the associated file.


A D-type record has up to 8 fields:


1:D  { descriptive text }
2:Field number. This is the position in the data record at which the field described by this dictionary entry can be found. A value of zero denotes the record id.
3:{ Conversion code }
4:{ Display name. This will be used as the default column heading by the query processor. }
5:Format specification
6:Single/multivalue flag. Set as S if the field is always single valued or M if it can be multivalued.
7:{ Association name. Where a multivalued field has a value by value relationship with some other multivalued field defined in the same dictionary, this name links the fields together.}
8:{Available for user use in any way. Not referenced by QM. }


Fields 9 onwards are reserved for internal use and users should not assume anything about their content.

See Dictionaries for more information.