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VOC PH-Type Records  -  Phrases

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A phrase can be used in query processor sentences. When the sentence is executed, the phrase name is replaced by the phrase expansion. Typically, phrases are used to give names to groups of fields to be displayed or selection criteria.


1:PH  { descriptive text }
2:Phrase expansion


Phrases may be included in the VOC but are more commonly found in dictionaries. A phrase in the VOC can be used in queries against any file whereas a phrase in a dictionary can only be used in queries against the associated file.


Where a phrase is very long it may be broken into multiple lines within the VOC record by terminating all but the final line with an underscore character. When the phrase is substituted into a command, the lines are merged, replacing the underscore with a single space.


A summary of PH-type VOC records may be displayed or printed using LISTPH.