VOC Q-type records - Remote file pointers

VOC Q-Type Records  -  Remote File Pointers

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A Q-type VOC record points to a file defined in the VOC of another account.


1:Q  { descriptive text }
2:Account name or pathname. Leave blank for the same account.
3:VOC record name in target account. If blank, VOC is assumed.
4:Server name for files accessed using QMNet


Field 2 contains the account name. If field 2 is blank, the target record is assumed to be in the same VOC file as the Q-pointer. If files 4 is blank and the user does not have account barring restrictions (see Application Level Security), the account location may be specified as a pathname.


Field 3 holds name of a VOC record in the target account. This VOC item must be either an F-type (file) or a further Q-type record. A chain of Q pointers is inefficient and should be avoided. To trap closed loops of Q-pointers, a chain with more than ten Q-pointers will cause an error when attempting to open the file.


If the remote file is on a different QM server, this is specified by putting the server name in field 4 of the VOC entry. The network address and user authentication information is defined using the SET.SERVER command.


The SET.FILE command provides an easy way to create Q-pointers.


Access to a file via a Q-pointer may fail if account barring restrictions are active for the user attempting to open the file.


A summary of Q-type VOC records may be displayed or printed using LISTQ.