VOC R-type records - Remote pointers

VOC R-Type Records  -  Remote Pointers

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An R type VOC entry points to a record in another file which is constructed in the same way as an executable (M, PA, R, S or V type) VOC entry.


1:R  { descriptive text }
2:File name
3:Record name
4:{Security subroutine name}


R-type VOC entries are used to:

Move large paragraphs and menus out of the VOC as large records degrade the performance of the hashing process.

Reference a common version of a VOC item to be used from multiple accounts.

Add security checks prior to command execution.


The file name in field 2 must correspond to an F-type or Q-type entry in the same VOC.


The record name in field 3 is the record in the target file that holds the item to be executed.


An R-type VOC record can optionally hold the name of a catalogued security subroutine in field 4. This subroutine can be used to determine whether the user is to be allowed to execute the command pointed to by the R-type record. If the validation fails or the subroutine cannot be found in the catalogue a message is displayed:

This command is restricted (verb)


A summary of R-type VOC records may be displayed or printed using LISTR.