VOC V-type records - Verbs

VOC V-Type Records  -  Verbs

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A V type (verb) record defines a command name and determines the QM component that will be used to process the command.


1:V  { descriptive text }
2:Dispatch code
4:{ Qualifying information }
5:{ Security subroutine }


The dispatch code identifies the type of processor referenced by field 3. It may be:


CAA catalogued verb. Field 3 holds the catalogue name of the function to be executed. For system supplied verbs, field 4 may also be significant and should not be altered.


CSA locally catalogued function program. This format allows a QMBasic program to CALL a function that is in the compiler output file rather than in the catalogue.


INAn internal verb. Field 3 holds an identifying number which determines the action of the verb.


OSAn operating system command. QM will execute an operating system command made up from the contents of field 3 of the VOC record (which may be null) followed by the remainder of the current sentence after the verb.


Users may add their own V-type records for catalogued programs (usually by use of the CATALOGUE command) or make copies of standard records to provide synonyms for other verbs.


The optional qualifying information in field 4 will be copied to the @OPTION variable when executing the verb.


A V-type VOC record can optionally hold the name of a catalogued security subroutine in field 5. This subroutine can be used to determine whether the user is to be allowed to execute the command. If the validation fails or the subroutine cannot be found in the catalogue a message is displayed:

This command is restricted (verb)


A summary of V-type VOC records may be displayed or printed using LISTV.