VOC X-type records - Miscellaneous storage

VOC X-Type Records  -  Miscellaneous Storage

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X-type VOC items are miscellaneous data storage records which may be used in any way the application designer wishes.


1:X  { descriptive text }
2:user data


Fields 2 onwards are available for data storage. Users may freely create X type records for their own purposes but should avoid names containing $ signs as these may clash with system defined records.


The following X-type VOC records have special meaning in QM:

$ACCOUNT.ROOT.DIRDefault location for new accounts in CREATE.ACCOUNT. Also used by RESTORE.ACCOUNTS.
$BASIC.IGNOREContains pattern match templates for records to be ignored by the BASIC command.
$BASIC.OPTIONSSets default options for the BASIC command.
$COMMAND.STACKControls saving of the command stack on leaving QM.
$DEBUG.OPTIONSSpecifies default options for the QMBasic debugger.
$ED.OPTIONSSets default modes for the ED editor.
$ENCRControls automatic encryption in CREATE.FILE.
$INDEX.PATHSpecifies a default location for index subfiles in CREATE.INDEX and MAKE.INDEX.
$PCLSets default parameters for PCL printers in SETPTR.
$PRIVATE.CATALOGUESpecifies the location of the private catalogue. The American spelling may be used.
$QUERY.DEFAULTSSets default options for the query processor. Also valid in dictionaries.
$RELEASEContains the release level of QM. Also holds configuration options for the command stack editor.
$REPLICATEControls account replication.
$SCRB.FILESets the default name of the screen definitions file for the SCRB screen builder.
$SETPTR.DEFAULTSInserts default options into a SETPTR command.
$SPOOLERSOnly relevant in the QMSYS account, this record contains configuration data for the print spooler on Linux/Unix systems.
$VOC.PARSERSpecifies processors associated with user defined VOC record types.
&SED.OPTIONS&Sets options for the SED editor.